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After previous findings the family Batschauer was in "Goldbach" near Wettenhausen  (today affiliated to the Swabian municipality of Kammeltal) resident in the 17th century. They immigrated like many other families (see a following card representation) there from Austria (South Tyrol). The family still bore the name "Petschaider" in Swabia. The first immigrant was therefore the carpenter Andreas Petschaider.

The grandchildren of Andreas Petschaider (Johann Georg and Joanna) already shifted her place of residence together with her mother at 1700 to Hambrücken in Baden-Wurttemberg where the surname "Petschaider" changed in "Batschauer".

All persons living to this day with the name Batschauer are therefore descendants of Johann Georg Batschauer and his wife Elisabeth Barbara Osterney (born in Hambrücken).

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Emigration to Brazil

It came to emigrations of many families (and single persons) on a considerable scale from Baden-Wurttemberg in second half of the 18th century. Johann Adolf Batschauer emigrated with his wife Sophia Kretzler and five children 1862 to Brazil at that time, too. There they established themselves in Brusque in the southern federal state Santa Catharina which had developed into a "collecting tank" of innumerable German emigrants.

 The family Batschauer has spread there in a large number particularly in Santa Catharina to this day. Furthermore descendants (family tree) are also confessed in São Paulo.

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Itajai, Santa Catarina

 Brusque, Santa Catarina

Imigrant house

Emigration to the USA

Furthermore also many emigrations took place, however, to the USA in this time period. After the present findings two persons of the name Batschauer emigrated to the USA at this time 1897. These persons were from Lahr (Black Forest) and both were called Johann Georg. Johann Georg Batschauer married in the USA and established himself with his family in Chicago, Illinois.

The emigration otherwise is known of two persons to this family in the 20th century. One of them was Frank (Franz) Batschauer, from Karlsruhe (Baden-Wurttemberg) who immigrated to the USA with his wife Anna at the age of thirty years in 1924. Furthermore a certain Lothar Batschauer is known which immigrated to the USA from Germany in 1957.

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Emigration to Switzerland

Karl-Günther Batschauer from Wiesbaden (Hesse) to Arbon (Switzerland) emigrated in 1956. He founded a family there who already lives in the second generation there.

Extension in Germany

Of Hambrücken (Baden-Wurttemberg) as a place of origin of the family Batschauer, of course a distribution of the family also took place within Germany. While a large part was establishing himself in a radius of Hambrücken or in the catchment area of Karlsruhe, a place of residence shift also took place in other areas of Germany.

Particularly the move from two persons from Hambrücken to Heidelberg approx. 1800 is known. The descendants of these families were residents of Heidelberg up to the 20th century. The family shifted from here to Hesse and later to Switzerland.

Nowadays approx. 30 persons exist, which bear the name Batschauer (source: Geogen), established principal in Baden-Wurttemberg in Hesse, in the Saarland, in Schleswig Holstein and in North Rhine-Westphalia.

 So it can be stated that, particularly in Brazil, the family Batschauer has well spread outside Germany more largely than in her country of origin.



residential building of Johannes Batschauer in Heidelberg - Grosse Mantelgasse
Residential building 
Johannes Batschauer 1844

Carpenter's workshop of Ludwig Batschauer in Heidelberg - Untere Neckarstrasse
Carpenter's workshop 
Ludwig Batschauer 1886-1889