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Family Search  - Ancestor search of the Mormons

Fernabfrage von  - Ancestor search in different search engines

Deutsche Auswanderer-Datenbank  - Passenger lists

Heidelberger Adressbücher  - University of Heidelberg

Jewish Gen Databases  - Jewish Genealogy - Data base

Geneanet - Data base (many data records from France)

Ahnenforschung.Net - Fernabfrage - Can be queried several data base

GESA - Universität Marburg - Person data base (scientific)

GEDCOM-Index - Data base with GEDCOM data records to the download

Kindred Konnection - Data base

GEDBAS - Data base

World Vital Records - Data base

RootsWeb - Data base

Repertorium Academicum Germanicum (RAG) - Data base with scholars of the old person of realm graduated

Auswanderer-Datenbank Baden-Württemberg - Data base with emigrants from Baden-Wuerttemberg of national archives German Federal Armed Forces

Tribal Pages - Search service for on-line family trees and US-Cenus-records - Data base with emphasis on US-American documents and data records (immigration lists, US-Census, military documents etc.)



Family Search  - Ancestor search of the Mormonen

IGI-Index - Batch number listing for FamilySearch

FamilySearch - RecordSearch - Data base with FamilySearch with detailed master data

FamilySearch - Labs - Experimental data base functions (searches of original church book entries; Family tree announcements, etc.)

Heidelberger Adressbücher  - University of Heidelberg



Immigrant ships transcription guild - Extensive free ship list data base

What passenger lists are online? - Overview over ship lists in the Internet

Ellis Island - Advanced Search - Extended search for Ellis Iceland von JewishGen

Ellis Island - Data base of immigrant lists on Ellis Iceland



Gräbersuche - List of graves of the "Volksbund Deutsche Gräberfürsorge e.V."

RAA-Recherche - Data base over albums and album entries repertory of the Alborum Amicorum (RAA)

Totenzettel Online - Data base over Würzburger dead notes

Berliner Adressbücher - Berlin addres books on-line of the central and federal state library Berlin

Posen-Projekt - Data base with marriage ceremonies in Posen

Mähren-Matrikel online - Data base over register from Mähren (Czech)

GENVOLU - Absolute and relative representation of surnames in the telephone directories of 1998 and 1942

World Vital Records - Data base

Ahnenlotse - Contact exchange for family names



Fidelis Soares - Genealogia Online - Genealogical data base

Genealogische Landesinformation - Brazil information (GenWiki)

Genealogia Net - Brazilian Families - Brazilian genealogy forum

Blumenau-Gesellschaft - German homepage to the Blumenau society

SC-GEN - Historical sources of Internet for Santa Catarina

SC-GEN - Friedhöfe - Gravestone information (SC-GEN)

Familia Mueller - Information Einwanderung - Information to the German immigration (homepage family Mueller)

Instituto Genealógico do Rio Grande do Sul - Genealogicaliinformation for Rio Grande do Sul

Instituto Martius Staden - Document collection about immigration
(with immigrant lists within the range “archives” after free registration)

Local Catholic Church History and Genealogy Research of Brazil - Sources of Internet about “catholic church” and “family history”

Imigracao Joinville - Information to the immigration in Joinville (with information to immigrant ships)

Links para Páginas Familiares - Search service for immigrant families (RootsWeb)

Projeto mapas historicos - Search service for historical maps (RootsWeb)

Imigracao Alema - Information to immigration of Toni Jochem

Imigracao Alema No Brasil - Forum to immigration in Brazil (Yahoo Groups)

Famílias em Brusque - Master data to the families Fischer, Hörner, Baron, Bodenmüller, Todt, Maas, Schlindwein, Oswald, Müller in Brusque

BrasilAmenha - Information to Brazil German (immigration, events etc.)

Familaridade - Family tree network (free registration necessarily)

Genealogische Landesinformation - Brazil information (GenWiki)

Blog dos loucos por História - Blog with historical pictures of Brusque

Brusque 1926 - Video over Brusque in the year 1926 (YouTube)

Bela Santa Catarina - Information to cities in Santa Catarina

Brusque - Official homepage of the city Brusque

Patrimonio Historico e Museologico de Blumenau - Museum for immigration



Mailinglisten Österreich - Overview of Austrian mailing lists

Die Schlern-Schriften - Overview of books

Südtiroler Landesarchiv - South Tyrolean national archives with inventory overviews

TIROLENSIS - Overview over information to the history of South Tyrol - Schwabenkinder - The legend of the swabia children



About the USA - Paper over Germans in America

Amerikanisches Generalkonsulat - References to the ancestor search for German Americans - Data base with emphasis on US-American documents and data records (immigration lists, US-Census, military documents etc.)



ODESSA - Information center over German emigrants to Russia (documents, emigrant lists etc.)



Google Translator - Translation assistance between innumerable languages - Professional translation service

Babelfish - Translation assistance between innumerable languages

Osterrechner - Osterrechner

Kalenderrechner - Calendar calculator

Kleines Latein-Lexikon - Small latin encyclopedia of the main Frankfurt cemetery

Kirchenbuch-Latein - Latin translation assistance

Wörterbücher Latein-Deutsch-Latein - Latin translation assistance

Uxilium Online - Latin word phrases analysis (translation)