Genealogy Batschauer & Oehmichen


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The family tree of the families Batschauer and Oehmichen is connected over the following link-button and can be used for any genealogical reasearch.

The family tree contains information about the life data and locations of the corresponding persons.

Questions for further information can be sent to me. I would be glad for any information exchange and will answer each email.



Numbers of families 1635
Numbers of persons 4912
Oldest date 1080
Youngest date 2008
Countries Germany, USA, Brasil, Switzerland, Austria
Locations Annaberg, Bruchsal, Brusque, Heidelberg, Chemnitz, Dresden, Goldbach,  
Surnames  Bachmann,  Batschauer, Oehmichen, Trauth, Petschaider, Ries, Hess,

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